Biometrics Access Control

Our solution combines market-leading technology with advances in AI to deliver fingerprint, face and iris recognition biometric authentication software.

Facial Recognition Biometric Thermomenter & Access Control

We are committed to the fight against CORVID-19 by introducing the contactless facial recognition temperature camera in Kenya. This will be a requirement for businesses before opening up to the public. This solution is designed to ensure the health and safety of both employees and guests by helping prevent anyone with a temperature or those without access from entering a facility. Contactless means it reduces the risk of cross infections.

This unit adopts Rockchip RK3288 high-performance hardware platform, industrial grade binocular camera and face recognition, as well as infrared thermal imaging technology. It can easily recognize faces wearing masks as well.

The Gains of Using our Platform

  1. Improve customer experience, speed up the time taken to process transactions, no need to remember PIN codes, new possibilities for card-less transactions.
  2. Offer a better transaction package to customers based on a more secure process.
  3. Increased level of security of transactions via strong authentication peace of mind for customers and improved controls within the bank.
  4. mprove the internal processes within the bank reach digitization targets, reduce the costs and complexities of paper handling, free up time for staff to consult with customers and drive sales.


The units shall have the following features:

  1. Automated contactless temperature checking: Using our thermal imaging technology, in conjunction with cooling fans to maximise accuracy, this complete solution can read a user’s temperature and display the results in 1.8 seconds, even if they are wearing a mask. The automated nature of this system not only efficiently reduces manual labour, but also means it is completely contactless, which is of paramount importance in today’s world.
  2. Facial recognition: With 99.7% identification accuracy, this solution will be used as a check in/out system for the premises, facilities and other secure locations. You can even create a whitelist and blacklist to control and restrict access, as well as recording all building entries.
  3. Mask detection system: As well as reading body temperature, the system can also check if the user is wearing a mask if this is an entry requirement to your gym. This feature can also be disabled if not required.
  4. Strip light indicator - Green or red warning depending on configuration set: When taking a temperature or mask checking reading, this acts as on-camera illumination for more accurate results. It also synchronises with the software to indicate acceptance (green) or rejection (red) based on user-defined conditions.
  5. Integrate with other platforms through known protocols: Using the connection interface, this solution will be integrated with existing door or ticketing systems. Using the software included, you can stipulate entry conditions such as an acceptable temperature range, mask checking and specific user entry or restriction.
  6. Fever alarm: When a user’s temperature reading exceeds a stipulated temperature, a visual and audio alarm activate to alert the user that they have a fever. This feature can also be disabled if not required.
  7. Accurate thermal imaging: Using a dual-chip system, the thermal imaging module measures the ambient temperature as well as the user’s body temperature to maximise accuracy. The module also features a cooling fan to further improve the precision of the reading. The full sensor temperature range is -40°C to 85°C with an accuracy of ±0.3°C

Mounted on various surfaces.